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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  July 29, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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it happened just after 2:30 this morning. police say the victim was stabbed in the torso. one person was detained at the scene. just after 2:00 yesterday morning five men attacked three people. one was stabbed in the chest another -- the two are stabbing about an hour earlier in the mission district. one man was slashed in the stomach after getting in a fight. police say another man was talking to a security guard when he was stabbed in the back on 16th street. all the victims are expected to recover. no other arrests have been made. no rules for foreign pilots landing at sfo. alex savidge is live to explain the changes the faa is calling for and why the new rules are targeting foreign pilots. alex, good morning. >> reporter: the faa surging all foreign pilots coming into sfo to use a gps system when they touchdown at runways 28r
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and 28l. 28l is where the asiana flight. they are concerned that others -- that manual landings. normally on a clear day pilots coming into sfo would do what is called a visual approach. they wouldn't rely solely on their cock pit instruments. they have had more aborted landings than usual. that is why they used this rule. the faa says this is a temporary change that was brought about in part because an instrument system known as the glide slope indicators has been out of service here at sfo since early june. and that system that glide slope is not scheduled to come back anline until late august.
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live this morning in millbrae alex savidge. ktvu channel 2 news. the passengers on board san allee gent airline flight from iowa to florida are being driven to their destination after making an unscheduled stop in georgia. the pilot noticed a warning light indicating a possible fire in the cargo hold. the crew found the nearest airport and made an emergency landing. shortly after 9:00 last night. passengers admit they were tense. >> not knowing what was going to happen next, we didn't know it was going to be a safe landing or a horrendous landing. we didn't know where we were going down. >> passengers were put on buss from albany and still driving from st. petersburg, florida. no injuries were reported and no fire was found on the plane. this morning 37 people are dead after a tour bus plunged
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off a highway in southern italy and landed in a ravine. it happened about 40-miles from naples. the bus slammed into several cars that had slowed for heavy traffic before it broke through the guardrail. 11 people survived the crash includingen -- after being charged with negligent homicide. francisco was going above the speed limit killing americans. the judge released him because he's not considered to be a flight risk. a deadly speedboat crash kills a bride to be and his best man. coming up the new charges the driver of the boat could face. one man is fighting for
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his -- we spoke to one long- time resident. he said this is usually a very peaceful neighborhood. >> doesn't get any shootings. the last shooting i heard of had anything to do with about 20 years ago. >> police are still searching for the gunman. investigators say the shooting appears to have followed a heated argument on the street. san jose police are look for the suspects who opened fire into the garage of a home sending one man to the hospital. it happened around 9:20 last night at a home on commodore drive. it's not clear exactly how many shooters there were. police say the victim is expected to survive monsieurs. witnesses on the scene are -- for two nights people have been
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camping outside the building in hopes of keep -- the berkeley mayor and city council say they support the protestors efforts. this morning the two sides in the bart labor dispute will return to the bargaining table but time is running out for bart management and its unions. bart workers could be on strike by the time this week. there have been some reports of progress in the often tense contract talks but negotiators for both sides ao say they have a lot of work to do to head off another strike. starting today it will cost drivers more to park at two of bart's parking lots in oakland. fees are going up 50 cents. the fee will be $1.50. the cost of parking at the west oakland station will be much
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higher. for all the latest information on the ongoing labor talks go to our website at there is little hope the new eastern span of the bay bridge will open during the labor day weekend. that is according to a report in the san francisco chronicle. a cal tran official seeing the quick fix plan to return the broken bolts. the chronical also reports the prospects for the bridge opening on labor day appear to be fading face. time is 4:36. let's go to sal. how are you? >> a good monday morning to you, brian. i'm not as happy as i sound. good morning, everybody. let's go out and take a look at the commute now. traffic is doing very well. certainly out there on the road. on the monday morning. westbound 80. it's looking pretty good as you head out to the mccarthur maze. we look at toll plaza and of course right now it's light. you would expect it to be this
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way coming in. and also 280 and san jose is doing very nice. 4:36 let's go to steve. thank you, sal. a lot of fog. just a really robust sea breeze out toward the delta as well. plenty of low clouds and fog and they are way up there. tropical clouds that we had last week or that were in southern california because the pattern has changed now. they're in the four corners. everything tropical wise is outover southern california. we do have a tropical storm. tropical storm continues to head toward the hawaiian islands. the path of it takes it over the big island. as it moves through it looks like it will start to decrease rapidly. this will mainly be a rainer. there could be isolated amounts of is inches of rain. it will be late tonight into tomorrow but you can see the
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path. we do have 50s on the temps. everyone looks like they are stuck on these temps. any time fairfield has gusts to 36. 29 sustained. concord has a pretty good breeze. napa. almost everybody is reporting some westerly breeze or wind. maybe that smell of garlic is coming up from christopher ranch. 60s for some. 46 up in the mountain. 56 sacramento. that cooler breeze has made it out. it looks like things are calming down. breezy and cooler. temperatures really stuck. a lot of 70s. pleasanton. livermore. a lot of 70s. cool to nice and it looks like
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a very quiet week if you like cooler weather. it will be a little warmer toward the end of the week. amazon is adding 5,000 jobs at its distribution centers. the largest online retailer says -- that includes tracy and patterson isn't the central valley. amazon already has 20,000 u.s. workers packing and shipping orders. eight people arrested in hunting to be more than two two -- and $2 million is found. look at 'em.
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the storm is expected to bring high surf, strong winds and heavy rain. the national weather service says people on the big island and maui will be the first to see the brunt of the storm. passengers on an arizona tour bus crawled to safety through a window after getting stuck in flood waters. the bus was on its way from the grand canyon to las vegas yesterday when the driver attempted to go through six feet of water. by the time the fire department arrived the bus was floating downstream. everyone was able to escape without injuries. it's not clear if the driver will face charges. [ inaudible ] new this morning 12 people were hurt and at least eight people were arrested in violence following a surfing competition in southern california. police used tear gas to break up crowds who started throwing
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bottles after the u.s. open of surfs. at least one store was luted. >> it really started when a ketchup bottle came from the stop story of bar. kid didn't know what to do with it. >> it's not the first time police have responded to the event. hundreds of people rioted in 1996 throwing rocks and bottles at police. burning police cars and storms a life guard station. the driver of a speedboat involved in a deadly crash could face additional charges today. joe joe john has been arraigned on charges of vehicular manslaughter and assault. officials were investigating whether he was drunk when he hit a barge killing two members of wedding party. lindsey stewart was scheduled to be married in two weeks. her body was found on saturday. they also found a man believed to be the best man mark lennon also in the water. >> we are confident he didn't suffer.
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that is most important to us. he didn't suffer. >> stewart's fiance brian bond survived the crash. four men are facing charges after a beach patrol route off the santa cruz coast led to a major drug bust. he spotted a suspicious looking boat so he called police. investigators found 1200 pounds of marijuana on the boat worth more than $2 million. police arrested three men from los angeles and one from arizona who were found hiding nearby. >> out here it seems so secluded there would be something like that on the coastline. i don't know. that is crazy. >> police say the marijuana was wrapped in 175 separate bundles. and the type of boat where the marijuana was found is commonly used to smuggle drugs from mexico to the u.s.. time is 4:45. hayward police are looking for a suspect after two home depot security guards were attacked with a thief with a gun.
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yesterday afternoon the officer spotted the suspect trying to steal a cart full of tools from the garden center. police say when they tried to take the man into custody he pulled out a handgun. he shot one of the guards in the arm and struck the other in the head. >> we pulled in just as the first officer arrived. and there is hysterical people until the gardening department. >> police say the suspect was last seen running in the parking lot towards a parian boulevard. less than a mile away they found some of the suspect's clothing. both security officers are expected to be okay. and no customers were hurt. hayward police have a vague description of the shooter and say he is a light skin latino man around 30-40 years old. he may be around six feet tall with grayish hair. a homeless man accused of beating a man to death with a bat is due back in courten the attack happened last month at a
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sports authority store. prosecutors say he hit the victim with the bat 11 times. the victim threatened him with a knife. police have not said if any knife was found or if the two men knew each other. yesterday a steady stream of dancers hit the floor. eight months ago felix under went surgery and is now in intensive chemo therapy that will last another year. the family is from pacifica but the mom was in nursing school in southern california. she is now moving to be with him. to find out more about felix, go to and click on the web links and there you will find a link to his website. time is 4:47. let's go back to sal. any problems? >> not right now, brian. as a matter of fact, i was looking around here at the chp
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list. we did have a grass fire. the fire department got there and make short order of it. did not cause any traffic problems. let's take a look now at the east shore freeway. the traffic here looks pretty good. it looks very nice as you drive through. no major problems reported. if you are driving the commute on westbound bay bridge that traffic is looking good. if i can have the guys in the control room put up the 555 cal camera. the 101 camera. just getting word of a crash in san francisco on highway 101. it says here southbound 101 just north of 280 and if we put up that camera we see chp is doing a round robinias we push in here. they are trying to slow the traffic before it gets down to the accident scene in san francisco. you can see the chp is doing that. you have probably been behind an officer when it has done
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that. it's an injury crash. we'll let you know what happens and a really bad spot for a crash. we will let you know more as the morning wares on. let's go to steve. thanks. lots of fog if you're a fan of that west wind. today and most of that week will be to its liking pap lot of tropical clouds to the weekend have pushed way off. the high has been moved off. tropical storm continues to head toward the hawaiian islands. this will be tonight the big island. and mayly through helo. heavy rain will a big impact. there are flash flood watches out. some of that rain will make it to oahu and hawaii. i hope you are not traveling today but if you are, you are delayed. and you can see why. 50s on the temps here. very, very strong wind for
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some. especially as you get out toward the delta areas where you are getting gusts to 30 miles an hour. in san jose a little southeast wind. also making it to mountain view and hayward. 46 up in tahoe. and las vegas only 77. that is not too bad. most of the cloud cover is pushing well off the sierra nevada as well. pretty good cues and buildups over the weekend. today a drier pattern for the entire state. a lot of 70s. fairfield 78. santa rosa 71-degrees. 76 san jose. 74 mountain view. and pleasanton 78. tough on the coast. even santa cruz stuck at 67. not much change. if we don't bottom out today or tomorrow that looks like a slight warmup. coming up it is a big day for san francisco giants fans as they prepare to meet president obama and be recognized for their work on and off the field.
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tom cruise and his son spend the day in the bay with the team of new zealand.
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welcome back time now is 4:42. for the first time in five years peace talks between israel and palestine are expected to continue today. secretary of state john kerry is being created with bringing
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both sides together. the last hurdle was cleared when israel agreed to release more than 100,000 palestinian prisoners. both israel and palestine are sending negotiating teams to washington, d.c. to determine how to move forward with the peace talks. u.s. parks police in washington, d.c. are talking to new witnesses in the lincoln memorial vandalism case. those witnesses may help solve the mystery of who threw green and white paint on the famous statue. tourist jamie says she spotted a group of young people around the time of the vandalism attack. her friend's son saw soda cans and bottles with paint in front of the statue. >> it was laying in the mid of the floor. with the paint just coming out. and there was white footprints coming up to it. >> u.s. park police officers have surveillance video as well of the vandalism in progress but they have not released that video saying it could hamper
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the investigation. today president obama will honor the 2012 world champion's san francisco giants. the white house ceremony will celebrate the giant's world series sweep of the detroit tigers in october. this is video the last time they were honored just two years ago. the 2012 world series victory may seem like a long time ago to many violence giants fans as many people know san francisco not having a great year. last place in the nl west. time now is 4:54. sal, we were just talking about that. are you doing okay with the giants in last place? >> you take the good and bad when you're a fan. you can't jump off the band wagon. if you are a real fan you stay with the team. >> i grew up in san diego, i'm used to it. [ laughter ] let's take a look at what we have now. traffic is moving along pretty well expect for one spot.
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just around the corper the traffic is light. also looking at the bay bridge toll plaza there is a little bit of a backup in some of the lanes but nothing major on the bridge getting into san francisco. now let's go back to steve. sal. >> yes, sir. >> i know many don't want to hear this but the dodgers have fantastic pitching. >> they do. big fog bank. it will be much, much cooler today. temperatures today or tomorrow is not the coolest day we will see gradual warming. so there is more clouds. this looks like the coolest day today. 50s or 60s by the coast. 10:s to 80s inland. even the most inland locations will drop off. there is a lot of low clouds around here and there is a no doubt about it turbo charge. all the tropical clouds have pushed well off. high pressure has been moved off to the east. flow around that takes that
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tropical cloud deck 50s on the temps pap lot of locations cloudy. you put in that breeze it's cool. gusts to 36 miles an hour. some get a westerly breeze. for some it's going to be a very, very cool day. might not even see the sun. there is a lot of low clouds out there. sierra nevada looking good. things calming down. breezy, cooler. morning overcast. breezy to windy even when the low clouds burn off. 50s and 60s. we are really stuck in the soup here for some. it looks like there will be gradual warming. but no big warmup in sight here. there is a super hero at the top of the weekend box office. >> it's an honor to meet the wolverine. >> that's not who i a anymore. >> hugh jackson stars for the sixth time as the wolverine.
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the latest version earned $55 million. it also brought in $86 million overseas. it's already paid for its production costs. the conjuring was bunked down to second place. despicable me 2 and turbo round out the top five. fruitvale station expanded to those around the country. tom cruise and his son were in the bay area yesterday. at one point skipper let cruise take control of the boat and sail under the bay bridge. cruise and his son were guests of team new zealand sponsor. time now is 4:57. coming up a violent weekend in one bay area city. four stabbings in one 24 hour period. also new information about the new bay bridge. what cal trans is saying now about a possible labor day weekend opening.
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the crash of asiana flight 214 has prompted rule changes for foreign pilots coming into sfo. time is running out for a new bart contract. why your commute next week could end up being a traffic
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nightmare. and thousands of jobs up for grabs. the new full time openings and with company is doing the hiring. good morning, to you. welcome to a brand new day. monday, july 29th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm maureen naylor. we want to start with weather and traffic. let's get over to steve. >> hello maureen. >> hello. >> welcome dave. we have a cooler pattern in place. today and tomorrow looks to be the coolest place. temperatures today really kind of settling in. 60s and 70s. here is sal. steve, good morning. still not looking bad considering there is a crash just out of view. southbound 101 at caesar chavez in the right lane. blocking the right lane only. if you are driving south you might pay attention to that and if you are driving out of san francisco you might want to think about using 280


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